H2 One Stop Shop

H2 One Stop Shop

Green hydrogen for bus fleets.

For sustainable mobility, Messer is working with the Toyota Group to offer a comprehensive solution for hydrogen-powered buses - including hydrogen supply, infrastructure and all services required for operation: the "H2 One Stop Shop".


Advantages of Messer's "H2 One Stop Shop":

  • Predictable TCO through payment per kilometer driven, per kilogram of hydrogen consumed or per CO2e emission reduction
  • No impending levies for the operation of internal combustion engines
  • Maximum possible safety and reliability in the operation of the FCEB 
  • High practicality, e.g. through short refueling procedures
  • Optimized cash flow enables faster rollout of new technology
  • Bus operator can concentrate on core business
  • Toyota as a long-term oriented and reliable partner with a clear hydrogen vision
  • A strong financial partner with a good financial rating


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